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Who is Padoq?

Hello - we're Padoq. 👋 Nice to meet you. Learn all about us here. We're pretty great (if we do say so ourselves).

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Creating Accounts

You want to work with us? Why wouldn't you! Set up your accounts and we'll take over and do the hard work for you 💪

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How to Submit Your App

Learn how to submit and release your app on the App Store and Google Play store

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Design Requirements

Customer design icons

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App Listing Design Requirements

We're ready to start building your branded app - yay! 🎉 To get us started, we need your basic design requirements for example, what colour do you want your app?

Laura Curran
Updated 2 years ago by Laura Curran

Setting up Test Users

Setting Up Test Users. Now your app has been built its time to assign users to test the app prior to its release to the public. This will give you the opportunity to check that it is performing and a…

Lydia Joynes
Updated 2 years ago by Lydia Joynes

The Super Admin Dashboard

You can access the Super Admin Dashboard by heading to the web app > Manage > Super Admin > Pick your padoq > Dashboard. The Super Admin Dashboard is closely linked to forms. Forms are the tool that…

Kate Santo
Updated 2 years ago by Kate Santo

Padoq forms

At Padoq, there is a useful tool called forms. They can make life easier for users and admins when used in specific ways. In this document, you'll find information about what forms are , what people…

Kate Santo
Updated 2 years ago by Kate Santo

Setting up a merchant account

The basic process is the same for all merchants but can change slightly depending on the vertical and business type. Merchant onboarding information requirements To activate a merchant, we must gathe…

Laura Curran
Updated 2 years ago by Laura Curran

Managing group members

If you are the admin of a group, you can easily manage members and their roles either from your phone or a computer. Find out more in this guide. The admin role. As an admin, you can make other membe…

Kate Santo
Updated 2 years ago by Kate Santo