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Before publishing a post, there are a number of optional settings that you can edit, whether you are in the mobile app or in your web portal.

You'll notice that in the web portal there are a number of additional post settings available, including Triggers. In the mobile app, we've kept things clean and simple.

In both platforms you have the option to create a variety of different Types of Posts and you can also post to Selected Recipients.

In the settings area you can also decide which engagement options - likes, dislikes and comments - you want to be visible on your post, and you can even remove the header and footer of a post to keep the focus on the content only.

How to change post settings in the web portal

  1. To set this up, you will need access to your app's web portal. Follow the login instructions in the web portal.
  2. When you login, you will land on your personal dashboard. Select My Groups/My Padoqs from the top toolbar.
  3. Find the group you wish to publish the post in and select it.
  4. Select Create Post.
  5. Select the settings cog at the bottom of the Write Post pop up.
  6. The default for all post engagement options, headers and footers is ON so if you want your group members to be able to like, dislike and comment on your post, you don't need to change anything here. If you do not want your group members to be able to see the post author, or to be able to dislike your post, simply unselect the relevant options.

  1. When you're happy, select Save. Continue creating your post and when you're ready, select Post.

How to change post settings in the mobile app

  1. Select the Write Post icon to begin creating a post.
  2. Select and unselect from the three highlighted icons: Comments; Likes; Dislikes.
  1. Complete the post and when you're ready, select Post.

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