Ordering your homefeed

Emily Houghton Updated by Emily Houghton

When you open your Powered by Padoq app, you'll normally land on your homefeed, which is an accumulation of the posts from the different groups that you are a member of.

The default for this feed is that the posts are organised by the date and time that they were published BUT, if you tap the little clock ⏰ icon that sits next to your group icons, you can immediately change this to organise posts by the volume of engagement (likes, dislikes, comments) that they have received. If you need to revert this, simply tap on the graph 📈 icon (which replaces the clock icon) and you're back to the default setting!

You can also easily jump between your group feeds by selecting from the group icons along the top toolbar.

If you'd prefer your homefeed to be a little more streamlined and organised, this is a great opportunity to implement a Group Tile Menu.

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