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Did you know: You have the ability to choose who can see your content each time you publish a post? This is perfect for communicating with a select few of your members: maybe these are the attendees of a recent event or you're organising a surprise for one of your group members 🤫. Before publishing your post, you have the choice to just post to them and not to all. Here's how!

How to post content to selected recipients

  1. Go to create a post (see here if you don't know how).
  2. Select the icon at the top of the post, All Members.
  3. Here you can choose Select All to publish to all group members OR you can go through and hand-pick your recipients.
Here you also have the opportunity to select which persona you publish the post under! For more information on this, check out Creating Posts.
  1. Once you have selected your recipients, select Add (iOS) or Save (Android).
  2. Continue creating your post and when you're ready, hit Post!

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