Resetting your Password

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How do I reset my password?

Can't remember your password or struggling to log in? Don't worry—we've all been there!  🙈

To reset your password, you have a couple of options ...

Do you know your password?

Assuming you are logged into the app ...

  1. Click Me
  2. Click Account
  3. Press Reset Password
  4. Type in your Current Password and New Password
  5. Confirm by pressing Reset Password

Forgotten your password?

Assuming you are not logged in the app (as you've forgot your password) ...

  1. Open up the app
  2. Under the sign in details, click Forgotten password? Click here
  3. Enter your email address or phone number (whichever you used to sign up with)
  4. Press Reset Password
  5. You will be sent an email or text link

Password links expire after 15 minutes. If you miss the 15 minute window, please try again.
If you are unable to reset your password, it's likely that your account has been locked out due to too many unsuccessful password attempts. Please email to unlock your account.

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