What is a Powered by Padoq App?

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Padoq is an innovative tech platform that allows clients of all shapes and sizes to engage, organise and monetise via their own branded app. Extremely customisable, a powered by Padoq app has the potential to suit all organisations from various sectors.

Why Padoq?
Own Your Audience

Own your own digital world: access phenomenal, customisable functionality. Seamlessly integrate with your systems to manage, develop, protect and maximise your brands, fans, communities and processes.

Digital Chassis

Enjoy evergreen leading-edge excellence: our App Development Software as a Service license model automatically delivers continual upgrades and powerful ongoing innovation: our expert software and digital development team drives your success.

Evergreen App

The native app you’ve dreamt of at a cost that will amaze: buying an app or building in-house can cost a fortune, both upfront and in ongoing maintenance. Padoq does all the heavy lifting for you, focusing you on new opportunities and possibilities.

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