Google Play Console: How to push an update live

Laura Curran Updated by Laura Curran

  1. Go to Google Play Console:
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Click on your app
  4. Go to Release Management and press App Releases
  5. In the Internal Test you will see the latest app
  6. Press Manage next to Internal Test
  7. Press Release to Alpha
  8. Add what's new in the release (you have a maximum of 500 characters)
  9. Press Review (ignore any warnings)
  10. Press Start roll-out to Alpha
  11. Press Confirm

When you go back, you'll now see the app in the closed track alpha.

  1. Press Manage next to Closed Track Alpha
  2. Press Release to Production
  3. Press Review
  4. Press Start roll-out to Production

It has now been submitted for approval.

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