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Please note that this feature is a bespoke item and is only available to group admins!

Taking payments from your group members has never been so easy! Whether you're collecting match subs from your lacrosse team or selling products or even taking charitable donations, we've got you covered.

Here at Padoq, we want to push the capabilities of our software to do everything you need it to do, and one matter we really care about is supporting small businesses.

You may not not be in a position to establish your own Powered by Padoq app, but we can certainly help you to engage with your customers and sell your products online. Our Payments feature helps you do just that from your very own group!

How to take payments

There are two main steps to achieving monetary transactions in your app:

  1. Set up your merchant information in the web portal so that you can receive payments.
  2. Set up payment posts for products that group members can engage with.
1 - Setting up your merchant information

For this step, you will need to create a merchant ID with our payments provider, Global Payments, AND have the admin login for your app's web portal.

When you're ready, login to the web portal and then use the following steps.

  1. Select My Groups from the toolbar options.
  2. Select the group you wish to see.
  3. Select Settings from your group toolbar options.
  4. Select Payment Setup.
  5. Select Global Payments then Setup payment.
  6. Add in your Global Payments merchant information, select Card Storage and then Save Changes.
Creating a payment post

For this step, open your mobile app and go to your group. You'll need to have any images or documents you would like to use saved to your mobile beforehand.

If you are selling products, we recommend adding in some high-quality photos of the product. If you are selling multiple options for that product, i.e. it is available in multiple colours or sizes, make sure to include images of those options too!
  1. Select the Write Post icon at the top of your screen.
  2. Select the Money or Payment option from the post types.
  3. Here you have a lot of options to choose from so let's take this from the top!
    1. Add in your Payment description. This should be all the details about your product: the materials it is made from, whether it can be customised and when the product will be ready for collection, for example.
    If you are using tags to separate or filter your content, make sure you include the correct tag in the description of your product. For example, #TourShirts or #Shop or #WeLovePlants
    1. Add in a succinct and snappy Title. Keep this short and sweet!
    2. Select the Currency you work with. This has a default setting of GBP but you can change this by tapping on Currency.
    3. You may want to take some important information before a customer can complete a purchase. These questions can be anything you need them to be: whether you want to ask for the custom text each customer wants on their shirt, or you need a delivery address and contact number. If you need this info, select Required Fields and add in your questions before hitting Save.
    When setting Required Fields, you can choose between the Vote or Survey styles. Votes allow people to select from pre-set answers, and surveys require the user to write an answer.
    1. You can now select which Payment Type you need.
      1. Selecting Amount means only one transaction can take place when a customer selects Pay. A brand new feature here is being able to set an amount as a minimum which allows group members to donate more than the minimum amount if they wish. This is great for taking charitable donations for a cause close to your heart!
      2. Selecting Product will allow you to set up multiple purchase options. Here you can select Edit Products and this will take you to a screen to set up each product. Here you might want to add in different sizes or different colours for your products - the possibilities are endless!
        1. Type in a title for a product - this could be Small - then hit Enter. You will now see this product option below where you can edit the price and reference ID. You can continue to add as many products as you need and set an individual price and unique reference for each one. When you're done, select Save.
        2. You can also decide how many products a customer can purchase in one transaction by setting Max products per order. If you have bestsellers or limited stock, this is a great option!
  4. Now you can attach any relevant photos or documents to your payment post by selecting from the icons at the bottom of the post.
  5. You can also switch on/off likes, dislikes and comments.
  6. When you're ready, hit Post!
  7. Remember, if you want to edit or delete your payment post after it has been published, simply select the ellipsis icon (...) on the post and select from the options.

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