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Gathering information from your group members is easier than ever with the customised poll feature in Padoq! Whether you need to ask your dog walking group what colour your team shirts should be 👕, or you need personal information for your rugby tour ✈️, or you'd like your networking group to rate that four-hour online seminar 😴 that five people fell asleep in... here's what you need to know.

There are three types of poll to select from when creating a post:

  • Survey - group members must provide a written answer to each question. For example, providing DOB or an email address.
Surveys are accessible by the admins of the group only!
  • Vote - group members can select an answer from multiple options. For example, asking which day your group members would prefer to run an event.
  • Rating - group members can rate a subject out of five stars. For example, rating an event or a local business.

Deciding what sort of engagement you want with your posts is exactly the same when publishing your Poll. You can easily select whether group members can like, dislike or comment on your Poll, AND you as the publisher can decide whether the answers to the Poll are visible to all group members. These features are all enabled/disabled through the visible toggles.

How to create a poll post

  1. Go to your group and select the create post icon.
  2. Select Create Poll from the list of post options.
  3. Add a description to let group members know why you are creating the survey and any pertinent information, such as the deadline for submitting answers.
  4. Select Manage Poll if you are using iOS or for Android users, go straight to selecting which poll type you would like to create: Survey, Vote or Rating.
  5. Add a title for your poll. This will be the question you are asking if you are creating a Vote or Rating.
  6. If you are creating a Survey, you can now add each of your questions. If you are creating a Vote, you can now add in the answer options. If you are creating a Rating, skip to the next step.
  7. As the publisher, you can use the toggles to choose how group members can engage and interact with the Poll.
  8. You can also attach any relevant photos or files by selecting from the icons in the post toolbar.
  9. When you are happy with your post, select Post 🥇.
  10. Once your post is published, you will see this in your group feed. If you need to make changes after the post is published, you can select the ellipsis icon (...) from the top right of the post and select Edit Post or Delete Post. For more info on editing posts, see our Edit or Delete Posts page.
You will be provided with second verification to delete your post or cancel. Once you have deleted your post, the poll and any answers that have already been submitted will not be accessible.

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