About Padoq's Features

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Want to know exactly what a Powered by Padoq app can do? Padoq has many features which can be moulded to suit any business or group across a wide range of industries. We’ve broken down some key features for you in this handy guide.

Get an idea for some of the features by seeing what our free Padoq for Communities app can do here:

Build Communities
  • Create Events
  • Send Members Surveys or Polls
  • Discussion Groups
  • Private Chat
  • Newsfeed and Content Automation
Simplify Operations
  • Customer Response and Ticketing
  • Information Collection / Issue Reporting
  • View Calendars
  • Payments and Subscriptions
  • Document Storage and Sharing
Integrate with Systems
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • ERP / Membership Management Systems
  • Finance / Accounting Systems
  • EPOS Systems
  • Payment Systems

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