Using the Pinboard (aka Corkboard)

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The Pinboard (otherwise known as the Corkboard) allows you to save or 'pin' 📌 posts that you want to keep. You can then add notes or reminders to these posts.

How to pin a post

You will find a 📌 pin at the bottom right corner of every post. Pressing the pin will pin to your corkboard. Pressing it again will unpin. Any event that you confirm attendance at will automatically be pinned to your corkboard.

How to find your pinboard
  1.  Go to the Me page by selecting Me on the homefeed menu
  2. Select Pinboard/Corkboard
  3. You can choose to see pins from all groups by selecting All Padoqs or you can select to see pins from specific groups

You can also add notes and reminders to your pinboard!

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